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cone plug valve,cone valve

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cone plug valve,cone valve

cone plug valve,cone valve
cone plug valve,cone valve cone plug valve,cone valve cone plug valve,cone valve

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Product Details:
Brand Name: Libin
Model Number: cone valve
Detailed Product Description



When this valve is fully open, the channel is a straight pipe with a uniform diameter, containing no components inside, resulting in minimal water resistance and no induction of system vibrations.

In both fully closed and fully open states, the sealing surface of the valve remains in a closed position with no contact with the medium, making it suitable for media with high sand content. Even in systems with high sand content and high flow rates, there is no wear on the sealing surface.


It is the most reliable water valve, suitable for highly critical applications, with a service life exceeding 50 years.

It is the valve with the least required operating force.

Imagine a scenario in remote mountainous canyons, where a pipeline is fitted with such a valve that has gone unattended and without maintenance for decades. One day, in an emergency situation requiring the closure of the pipeline, even if the valve has a diameter of 2 meters and there is no power source or other auxiliary equipment on-site, it only takes one person to easily close the valve and ensure a tight seal.


High Reliability In Harsh Environments

The cone valve is a sturdy and reliable control valve suitable for extremely harsh environments with extremely high flow rates, high sediment content, and unmanned operation. It can replace very important pipeline control valves such as water turbine inlet ball valves.


Unique Seating


Low torque, lift and turn operation means no seat wear. Precisely machined seats assure tight closure


Rugged Construction


Integrally cast trunnions and mounting pads assure proper alignment between body, plug, and mechanism. Metal-to-metal seats handle sludge and grit. Moving parts totally enclosed in a lubricated cast iron housing


Excellent Hydraulics


Straight-line flow modulation and drip-tight shutoff against pressure or vacuum A two-stage pressure reduction minimizes vibration and cavitation.


Low Head loss


The valve is full bore, and when the valve is opened, the channel becomes a straight pipe, reducing pumping costs.


Water Hammer Control


When the valve is opened, the valve core runs upwards, the sealing surface detaches, and the water flow begins to slowly pass through the valve, thus, the valve has a slow opening function. Before the valve is closed, the sealing surface has not yet come into contact, and the water flow rate is small. After a certain period of time (which can be set), the valve core runs downwards, and the sealing surface contacts and presses against the valve seat, completely blocking the water flow. Therefore, the valve has a slow closing function. Due to the slow opening and slow closing functions of the valve, it can effectively prevent system water hammer.


Long Life, Low Maintenance


The Cone valve can stands the most severe service conditions, and the “lift and turn” operation eliminates seat wear.

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